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Country Canine Suites, LLC – Dog Boarding Kennel  

Photo Gallery:

          Below you will see pictures of the variety of special guests we have had at the kennel.  We accept dogs of all ages and sizes.  If you have a puppy you would like to leave with us, we just ask that your puppy be at least 5 months of age and be crate trained.  During your dogs stay with us, we will take pictures of him / her to email and / or text to you while you are away.  Your calls  /texts / emails are welcome if  you just want to check up on your little one.

          Updates and improvements are always being made to our building and play area.  We want your dog to feel welcome and loved while they are on their own ‘vacation’!

          Check back often to see pictures of our new guests and updates on our dog boarding kennel! You can also find a variety of pictures and information on our Facebook page!

Brandy Ginger Ginger & Brandy-absolutely adorable! kennel 009Beeper

photo (40) Charlie  photo (68)Milo    photo (47) Stevie J

photo (48)Tyson & Stevie J – getting acquainted   photo 1 (2) Indy

photo (46)Stevie J, Zoe & the neighborhood cat! photo 4 Holly

photo 4 (2)Molly- soaking up a little sun photo 8_5dSammy

photo 8_5bLacy        photo 8_4aLacy & Dutch

photo 8_1b Zoe photo 9a Smore & Tyson

photo 8e Charlie photo 1 Holly & Zoe    

photo 3a Stevie J – enjoying the shade!

photo 9bTyson-taking a break from chasing the ball! (Which he rarely does!!)

kennel 014Beeper, Molly & Tyson – Waiting patiently for a treat!

photo 8_5cLacy, Duke & Dutch – loving some attention!

002 (2) Timber 091Milo – loves his frisbee in any weather!

Stevie J, Holly & Zoe Holly – catching some rays!

Zoe – says “If I sit real still for the picture, can I have a treat?”

cropped-photo.jpg Our beautiful view!

055a The entrance to the kennel with our new plant boxes!

photo (34) Inside the kennel – cozy, bright & clean

photo (9) 5700+ sq ft of play area 019 18+ inches of snow – 2013

Country Canine Suites, LLC