Overnight Items Needed

Country Canine Suites, LLC – Dog Boarding Kennel


  •  Your Dogs Food – We don’t want your dog to be stressed or upset while they are with us.  Bringing their normal food will help maintain a balance.
  •  Your Dogs Favorite Blanket or Towel that smells like home – Although the flooring will change to your dogs temperature, having their favorite blanket, bed or towel may make them feel more comfortable.
  •  Your Dogs Leash and Collar to get them from the car to the kennel safe – We are in a country setting and want to transfer your dog from your car to inside our kennel building in the safest way possible.

Dog leash ball treats2FOOD

In an effort to decrease stomach upset and stress from changing food, we ask that you please bring enough of your dogs regular food with you for the duration of their visit.  Please bring their food in a zip-lock bag or a plastic container.  We also have a refrigerator in the kennel if your dog requires soft food that needs to be kept cold.




They’re fun to give and they’re a great way to reward and reinforce good behavior. Positive reinforcement might not always mean treats  you can eat, but they are one of the most popular tools for both dogs  and owners. Giving dog treats is more than an expression of love for your dog; it can be a critical component in dog training and rewarding positive behavior. We use treats to reinforce a calm and submissive state.

We provide dog biscuits on a daily basis. You may bring other treats for your dog if you like, however we DO NOT ALLOW RAWHIDE!

Puppy vaccine


If your dog has a medical condition that requires medication, we also provide this service at no additional charge. Please bring the medicine in it’s original container with the physicians directions on how to administer and when.  We want to keep your dog healthy while they are with us.



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